Agency   Marketing for Change

Director   Peter Mitchell

UX + UI   Justin Greenstein

PM   Meghan Sansivero

Lead Developer   Justin Higgs


United States Public Health Service

The USPHS Commissioned Corps is one of the nation’s uniformed services — a branch committed to the service of health. Officers advance our nation’s public health, serving in agencies across the government, as physicians, nurses, dentists, veterinarians, scientists, engineers and other professionals.

With a need to elevate their recruitment efforts, we designed a platform to support their goals of growing service member acquisition and engagment. Leaning on storying telling with strong photography and real examples of officers in action, we were able to hone in on what connects with potential recruits.

Providing straight forward information detailing specific professions, benefits, locations, and experiences has simplified the online journey for those looking for top-level information about thier potential future. Paired with simple process overviews and custom animated videos, we helped create clarity and inspiration along what can sometimes be a complex process for recruits.

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